berber series

Due to the scarcity of water, some of north african pottery
are designed specially to collect the rain.
These are rather large pieces that keep narrowing as they go up,
but then grow abruptly wide in the neck to maximize the collection of water.

These ceramics are both practical and poetic, in equal measures.
I decided to work on my interpretation of this concept with a series
that I call Berber.

While studying some of these rich cultures,
I found out that one of the constants
in their traditional pottery production
is that they are hand crafted without the use of a wheel,
which is the way I produce all my pieces.
This spoke to me immediately.

Of course terracotta clay is most commonly used,
fired in the open, to produce pots of remarkable durability,
with burned-like effects.
In the search for a deceptive simplicity
that resembles this idea,
I also decided to thoroughly explore the use of color.

This collection marks a new path in my work,
one that i intend to explore further.
I have put aside the functionality of the north african pieces
to concentrate on each piece as an individual artwork.

With the use of natural pigments, I have applied a painterly character
when glazing them, using personal ideas, impressions and memories.