In essence, I am not interested in the concept of perfection. Being free of flaws and defect directly contradicts my idea of freedom of expression, and I see my work as a vehicle to communicate freedom.

I connect each piece with my immediate thoughts, It’s all about the present moment. Nothing is planned or sketched.

All you see is me.

In my work I intend to relate to a perception that transcends appearance, and to rather enter into a territory of feelings. My pieces become an emotional landscape.

Attributes of my work include texture, roughness, cracks, irregularities, and a true appreciation for the natural process of expression. In that sense, I adopt any anomalies arising from my practice, which adds uniqueness, beauty and a particular character to my work.

In the end, I want us all to feel the nature of my objects, the material, the humanity in them, the reality. As in anything real, they are honest and therefore imperfect.

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