The artist Jojo Corväiá has recently stepped to a tridimensional field through his work with ceramics since he got relocated in Berlin. The medium of clay adds volume and texture to his poignant artistic expression, while he simultaneously applies a layer of richness with the glazes and alterations he chooses to finish his pieces with. The traditional harmony of ceramics gets transformed and deconstructed with simple vase and bowl shapes that he turns into irregular vessels with an almost volcanic character by another manipulation of the medium, which remains integral to his general artistic expression. His appreciation for the process of creating ceramics is a precursor to the evolution of his work.His pieces are not made on a wheel, they are shaped completely by hand, applying force to the grés with his fingers.  


100% handmade

My projects and thematic research in ceramics gravitate towards

the concept of imperfection, asymmetry and modesty.


Aspects of my work include roughness, irregularity and appreciation

for the natural process of expression.


In that sense, I recognize and adopt the anomalies arising

from the practice of hand-building, which add uniqueness,

beauty and a particular character to my work.


I work with my hands, almost no tools, no electric wheel.

I create my pieces with an old method of production

that goes back to the X Century B.C.


And this gives me the opportunity to get intimate with the material.


With my ceramic work, I intent to relate to a perception

 that transcends appearance, and to rather enter

into the territory of feelings.


 Since 2014, I am developing a body of ceramic work

inspired by the Japanese philosophy Wabi-Sabi.



The Volcano series are hand crafted pieces made out of very high quality volcanic gres from the Spanish Island of Lanzarote.

Shapes are not quite symmetrical, and the asperity and roughness in texture appear to emphasize an unrefined and simple style.

In fact, it is up to the observational ability of the participant to notice and discern the hidden signs of delicate design and attention to details.


100% hand built · food safe


Jojo Corväiá's Vases have only

the reference of their historial value.

Even though in their basic concept

they are meant to store a content,

these vases are the objects themselfes,

and they are intended to only

store their own entity.


The need to create a Vessel

represents the means

of a basic ritual expression.


The VASES are hand crafted sculptural pieces, sometimes as heavy as 50kg,

that intent to progress into their own evolution,

without necesarilly being functional.



The WABI-SABI series are hand crafted pieces made out of very high quality clay and in some cases porcelain.

These pieces have a rather rustic simplicity, and they are intrinsically linked to an idea of spirituality and serenity.


100% hand built · food safe


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